I had a shock…

It continues to be cold here. It got slightly milder but temps have plunged again.

Today, I received a call on my mobile phone saing someone had tried to use my banking app four hundred miles away.

It was an unidentified number which should have aroused suspicion. The call was cut off by a WhatsApp coming in. They did not call back.

Then my bank phoned on my landline, and I realised the first call was a scammer. It is really unnerving and upsetting. I got the mobile banking app because a certain person was fraudulently making purchases with my identity.

As you can tell, I am playing around with blog themes. I don’t know why.

I am still recooperating. This helps me cope with my breathlessness. It is still good, but I forget and do too much.

And wow, what a number Trump did. He needs to be taken down, but I think Pence is too scared.