I am getting over it and challenging my council…

The fraudulent activity has shaken mea lot. That person needed to know five separate facts about me. Some of them quite obscure.

I don’t think any of my friends know all of those five. I have felt very vulnerable since Friday.

Last week I put a question to my Council about sewage and nitrates going into the local harbour. It turns out that they are supporting a bill which will deal with this. (A chance to make polluting natural waters.)

I’ve had to block several messages since then.

I’m not sleeping. I go through phases like this but this one is bad. I end up in a deep sleep during the morning. I’m going to phone my doctor.

I am beginning to find lockdown hard with my daughter in Oxford. The grey weather doesn’t help. I’m so grateful that the afternoons are longer now. Each day is longer by two minutes.