Undo the lid with your left hand…

It is not about strength, but the direction of the spiral…I am frankly amazed at how many people don’t know this. I have opened jars and bottles that men have given up on. That’s a life hack for you all.

I am constantly amazed at how many people come here to read. The only part of the world that hasn’t it the Sahel of Africa. It is so full of poverty and corruption. My heart goes out there.

Some people who come here do so to make mischief. Only one or two, and they are so detectable. People like this have no purpose in life. They have nothing to do in lockdown except be a nuisance and break the law.

I saw the man I felt love for recently. His face was red and lots of stubble. The redness is caused by binge drinking. He lets stubble grow because his skin is tender. This is counterproductive though. He should use a face balm or moisturiser to protect from the weather. His growing girth around his neck worries me. It’s a sign of bad health due to heavy drinking. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has cirrhosis of the liver.

I have deliberately slept a lot today, although I’ve been productive too. I feel so chastened that I have caused harm to someone I respect. That they had time to let me know to do otherwise seems not to be a factor. Nevertheless, I feel terrible.

England lost the second test match to India. Rafael Nadar lost at the Australian Open, and Ireland lost to France last week. Not a good sporting week for me.