Back to Microsoft and an infection…

It’s such a relief to be able to do the things I need without frustration, as I finally have been able to afford a new laptop. I can now fluidly move from tab to tab, copy and paste easily, edit easily and so much more. There are things I like about OS – it automatically detects that you are typing in another language, and corrects a spelling error automatically whilst here I get a red line under the word as well as auto correction, depending on where I am writing. It’s nice to get weekly feedback on my productivity to. I don’t worry about being told how many errors I made – that’s why I use this.

I can upload my photos too. And put them where I want. I’m sure OS does that too, but I never had time to learn.

I am grateful that my lovely daughter lent it to me though.

I have another chest infection. I was surprised and yet not. My breathing has been rubbish since I had my vaccine, but I felt too unwell with all the pain and fever that I just kept using my inhaler. This morning I felt like nothing at all was going to my lungs. Worse, I could barely breathe out. I did all the usual things, inhaler, airphysio, and my turmeric, ginger, and lemon tea. That is a real help when I have it every day. I somehow got out of the habit.

I called out paramedics, who arrived in minutes. They checked my sats which was 91, not great, and I had a mild temperature. I hadn’t noticed this, although I did by the time the paramedics left. They gave me oxygen, and told me to start antibiotics. And steroids. Well, I had already taken one. Eight tomorrow morning and until I run out. I will take eight for a week and then take fewer for a while.

They made me a cup of tea and went on their way. I am about to send my thanks.

I am still getting back ache, and pain in my side. It’s not terrible, but it gnaws at my resilience, which is not strong at present.

I am so glad I’ve only smoked at parties or with a friend. Smokers are being killed by Covid-19 like swatting flies. I don’t mean to lack empathy, but smoking leads to no good and I don’t understand why people start now. Like in the last decade. Also, being inactive increases the probability of death.

I’ve never been any of the above, and yet here I am, a former junior champion at sprinting, horse rider, cyclist, and dancer.

Health is so valuable. Health and good friends are our most precious gifts, and good family too. You can’t choose your family, but I really appreciate my daughter and cousin. I have family in Australia and Germany too, but I can’t travel like that anymore.