The days are so fast…

Since I came home from hospital the days are so fast. I have had writing commitments and barely found the time. I had to set everything aside and make a positive decision to do it. Generally, I move from task to task, and my day has time for some relaxation.

I am no longer waking early, or if I do, I can sleep again until a reasonable time, say 7am to 8am. This is good as I am getting the sleep I need.

My body has been rid of some toxins now and I feel better for it. The very luxurious mattress topper is gone for now, and I am still very comfortable. Getting out of bed is less effort!

The third laptop has to go back. The charger is only 2′ long! and the power switch is almost impossible to use. Oh, the trials that are unforeseen when someone else cannot take responsibility for their carelessness. My writing is affected as I can’t get quick links, work out how to copy and paste, and use my photos.

It is sunny and cold, after some warmer days. I had hoped for milder weather. I want to do some light work in my garden, and prepare for tomato plants. It will all happen.

A lady who lives a short walk away wanted to come to help me with these small jobs as she misses having a garden. I felt blessed all through my hospital stay. Now, she tells me she is lucky to find someone who can’t manage their vegetable plot so will do that instead. That she has no integrity, or that doing both are possible, seems lost on her.

Someone will turn up. The right person at the right time.

I am writing this now as my days rush by. I am wanting to record what I can here.

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