Giving Up Smoking Day…

Today is for giving up smoking. It is a hard thing to do for several reasons that most people don’t realise.

First, nicotine is highly addictive. Much more than alcohol or some street drugs We don’t take this as seriously as we should because cigarettes and tobacco are so easy to buy.

Second, smoking gives the hands something to do. For those who use roll-ups, the ritual of making the cigarette is as addictive as the smoking of it. Additionally, the action of bringing the cigarette to the mouth is a habit that is hard to break.

Third, the smell of cigarettes becomes a comfort, and if it is smelled on someone else, it can be very hard to resist the urge to get some to smoke.

Not many people realise that smoking affects their mental health. Inhaling tobacco smoke reduces the oxygen in the blood and in turn, this affects the brain and mind. Giving up smoking is like being prescribed an anti-depressant.

Anyone who is prone to episodes of depression, not matter how brief, should give up smoking.

If one has asthma, or any other breathing disorder, needs to stop smoking. Why make it worse?

Smoking can also cause heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia, and other catastrophic health crises.

My parents both gave up smoking through sheer will power. Many people can and do. Other people need to use chewing gum with smaller amounts of nicotine to ease the craving. It is also helpful to start doing something else with one’s hand. A stress ball is useful, or starting to make something, like hand sewing, knitting, making fly hooks for fly fishing, keeping a journal, or anything else that breaks the subconscious need to use the hands.

Vaping is no good. It is addictive and has negative effects on the lungs.

Some people make a pact with another person to stop smoking. This is helpful as there is support. Others start running or cycling, or another sport to distract and get healthier.

When someone smokes, others are smoking passively. We have banned smoking in public places, work places, but in the home children are badly affected, and other adults too.

Think of the money one will save. That alone is a good incentive.

After twelve weeks of not smoking the lungs will be completely recovered. After a year, ones health is like someone who never smoked, provided they have not already suffered poor health like a heart attack.

Life is short, so why endanger ones health? But this statement does not help. The motivation must come from within. No one can stop smoking to please someone else. They will, inevitably, fail.

If you know someone who wants to give up, or is trying to give up, be supportive.

My thoughts go out to anyone trying to give up any addiction. It’s hard. Most things in life that are good and valuable don’t come from wanting things easy. Easy brings poor value.