A friend’s birthday and rugby…

Today is the birthday of a great friend who I met when I was twenty. I began to remember again in recent years. Our friendship has crossed continents, countries, children becoming adults, and many other life events.

There is rugby today, England v France. On a website, so I hope this Mac supports it. Another laptop is winging it’s way so hopefully I will be in my zone again soon.

I am still unable to wear my watch due to bruising from cannulas that dropped out. And blood taken. I am discombobulated without my watch. That I never needed to be in hospital is something I need to laugh about, otherwise it’s too hard. It was lovely to be waited on. A change is as good as a rest.

My daughter is coming tomorrow for Mother’s Day. I will happily forsake the Ireland v Scotland if she doesn’t want to watch. She generally does. If the weather is better it might be wonderful to drive somewhere locally to look at a different view.

I did too much yesterday. My hydration suffered. I must not do this again. I need to follow my own advice.

The sun is shining. The wind is cold. A good day lies ahead.

By Chrisssie Morris Brady

I've read poetry since I was nine and have written creatively since I was fourteen (probably long before that). After writing book reviews and social comment, I decided I wanted to write poetry. I have no formal training, but I surround myself with poets and their writing. I am honing my craft.
I have two published collections which I don't feel good about, but have been published by and other publications. I live on the south coast of England with my daughter. I am seriously ill.

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