Mother’s Day, Junk Food, and rugby…

Here in the UK it has been Mother’s Day. It’s before Easter because servants were given a Sunday off to visit their family before they needed to prepare their employer’s house for Easter.

It’s tricky as there are not many flowers in bloom and it can be cold. Today was a lot milder as the wind has died down. My daughter took me to a local spot that we both love. We decided that we would indulge in some junk food. I so enjoyed that. I eat very healthily so relished the laziness and taste. She gave me gifts that she knows I like.

Ireland v Scotland was even better than the rugby match yesterday. This is world class rugby, and Ireland are one of the best teams in the world. At 7 minutes to go, Scotland got to a draw with Ireland, but Ireland dug deep and won. My favourite line from the referee was “Jonny, don’t be scared”. That referee always reminds me of a team leader I used to have.

Jonny is Jonny Sexton, the captain since Rory Best retired. His name is apt as he is sexy too.

I am chilling now, finishing last night’s glass of wine. I feel tired in a really good way. Fresh air and a fulfilling day.

I will be posting published poetry once I am on a laptop again. I’m grateful for the use of this Mac, but I don’t speak Mac.

I feel rich because I have such good friends, neighbours, and am so proud and in love with my daughter. Today I walked further than I have in a while. When I think I was told I was in danger of dying ten days ago, I smile. That paramedic overloaded me with oxygen so my body made too much carbon dioxide. I was puzzled by his verdict as I have felt far more unwell than I did then.