It’s lovely to be sought out…

Today I was asked if I would write for another publication. The editor said she loves my writing. Such a compliment is treasure as writing is filled with self-doubt. Self-doubt, though, is important as it keeps us sharp and looking to grow as a person.

I haven’t posted as I simply have run out of day. Since Monday, I’ve had some time tending my garden, so that took time. It was special as the sun was warm yesterday, birds were singing, bumble bees were bumbling, and each day new blossom appears.

I’ve been blessed to have a friend help me. He loves gardening. He is learning to be less tidy. He wanted to wash the path with the hose. I don’t use the hose this early in the year and never to wash a path. Water is the most precious commodity we have. It is for plants and birds.

Gardening is great with company. The connection with the soil, plants, and another person is so restorative and healing for mental health issues. My friend has anxiety and knows that gardening helps him.

Two poetry zoom events tonight. I doubt I can make both. I am tired.