Sun, You Tease Too Much

Sun, you tease too much
you came with warmth
I felt renewed, with hope

energised, bees bumbling,
the kiss of warmth gentle
on my face has gone away

like a moody lover, a child
put out at the word no
clouds hide you, as if

playing a game, wanting a cloak
I would not mind had you
not been gone so long

Be more like the Moon please
take a faithful journey,
he does not fail me, not fey

no teasing, just the gentle kiss

Published by Woodworkers of The World Unite


Tsunami Warning

Once more, Japan, we weep for you
earthquake on the Ring of Fire

Fold one thousand cranes, your prayer
ten years is too soon to suffer so much again

Fragile Earth is yelling out her pain
in many places, we have abused her much

Yet, it seems unjust that you shook so hard
so soon, so we send our one thousand cranes

Tsunami warning, we hope you will not drown
once more, we weep for you, we pray, we hope

  • In Japan folding one thousand cranes is a form of prayer

Published by Wordworkers of The World Unite