Sweet You

Entering my life unasked, uninvited
kind but boring I had thought
not this earnest, sweet, intrusion
in the night while I was sleeping

Protestations were met with pleading
so frank, so innocent I agreed to
meet you downstairs to hear you out
became amused by your sincerity

That you were in blackout I was unaware
drinking, yes, I knew how you do
but that reveals the person you hide
sweet, gentle, thoughtful, kind

Not boring, not wordless, not obedient
laughter, talking, shared moments of fun
communicating deeper thoughts, cares
intimate hours, sweet gifts you gave

I did not fall in love until in secret
you returned, to this day I don’t know how
that was my undoing, my trip headlong
into wanting you, loving you, sweetest you

There were so many misdemeanors on your part
I withdrew the one made in statement, mistake
as I still pay for your sweet night time invasion
sabotaged by the jealous ones, angry ones, cruel

Published by The Lark


Paramedics last Tuesday…

Last Tuesday evening I set my laptop to update before going to bed. As I turned away, I was suddenly gasping for breath and wheezing. Panic is automatic, so as I used my inhaler, I talked myself calm in my mind.

After dialing 999, it seemed an age before paramedics arrived. In fact, it was only a few minutes. The paramedic was one I have met before, she is kind and pragmatic.

I was nebulised for six minutes, and then again after a pause, as I was still wheezing a bit. After that, I felt fine. Absolutely fine.

I fiddled around for a while in order to relax after the steroid. Then I slept and awakened slightly later than usual.

I find that I am less productive than usual since yesterday morning, or was it the day before? I have lost track of days. Two people have asked if I am a retainer. I am not. As far as I know.

If I am, or become one, my life will be in far greater jeopardy than it is now.


When It Seems Hope Is Lost

They say to travel hopefully is better than arriving
though the path to a friend’s house is never long
the miles I’ve trod, the continents crossed
and I omitted to ensure I had an enduring love.

My journey is almost near completion, no hand in mine
Forgetting to look after myself, transient love
or love made impossible by lawsI still carry hope in my heart and soul.

Hope comes with the light at daybreak
in the laughter of a baby, the song of a bird

springtime brings new life, flowers, chicks, new leaves
the warmth of the sun promises outdoor living.

The hope I have comes from above, my God
redeemer, healer, gracious, his grace empowers
my life is not my own, I live in a temporary body
which, when I am done with living, will leave behind.

I omitted to ensure someone would love me to the end
but friends are near, my daughter close,
the hand to hold in dark of night is missed
but my soul has peace, loves, and knows what love is.

Published by The Lark