Take Back The Streets

They are planning to curtail our right to protest
Priti Patel is black but values empire statues the best
we have a right to be heard and that you know
who ever thought a woman would stoop so low
we won’t be silenced, we won’t give in
don’t you realize what you’re doing is sin
women aren’t safe so we take to the street
black lives matter, so we keep the repeat
democracy is ours we won’t let you steal
we’ll take back our rights from under your heel
equality for all not just the rich
we need better pay, now ain’t that a bitch
we have human rights they’re well writ
so stop oppressing you hypocrites
nuclear warheads have no place
you ignore what’s staring you in the face

nurses need money in order to live
give them their due, they keep giving and give
care to us all. Dirty money is rife
that’s why we’re giving you strife
Boris’’s friends got a secret deal
that’s unjust so we want you to feel
our anger and power in reclaiming the streets
Myanmar is screaming you’ve done nothing for weeks
Hong Kong is swallowed by China in one bite
we all know for sure that isn’t right
but you buy Chinese goods and want their trade

you can’t have it both ways, you’re too afraid
to tell China to take a hike
we’ll do for you that is our right

we take to twitter and make it plain
people have rights everywhere the same
we will seize the statues of men who sold slaves
and teach our kids true history, that’ll make waves
we won’t give up our peaceful rights
no, we’ll come out in force and all our might
black lives matter, or no lives do
we won’t be crushed before equality is true
and women can go home without fearing death
we’re committed to justice, don’t fear arrest

Published by Writers Blokke



Joyously I see buds unfurl their bloom
color pops up around my garden
summer plants renew their growth
slumber has ceased, all is waking.

I smile at each new discovery in turndelight in return for tending each one
bees drift between petaled pots of pollen
their hum, mingled with birdsong, is peace.

Published by The Lark