Paramedics yet again…

This morning a friend messaged me to say he was in town and would take a look at my phone, which since I put it into a Snakehive case, has been showing a screen that I don’t want. I could get rid of the screen, but it annoyed me a lot.

I wanted him to come to my home, but know he’s always pressed for time, so I went to him. It is bitterly cold, and by the time I got home I was not able to breathe. The cold air had completely altered everything. I dialled 999, frightened that I would pass out before anyone put me through. Then, one gasps out what is needed, one’s birthdate etc annd then they go through a list of questions about Covid-19. They don’t accept one saying you don’t have it. You have to answer each question.

This takes five minutes. I was so afraid that I would be unconscious in my bedroom. I lay gasping and then I heard a siren. I crawled to the top of the stairs and waited. They parked and came in and restored me.

They aren’t happy about the Covid questions either.