Aine MacAodha review of ”Caught by The Moon”

The artwork on the cover by Tania Fonn Carswell catches my eye along with the title. Already stirring my spirit. Many of Chrissie’s poems are gentle in nature, a writer who sees the minute details in
‘A sunny day in Coney Island’
and the grace of Haiku that dot the pages. ‘Photos of my Mother’ is a favourite of mine.
Yet her poems ‘War and ‘Black Boy’ shows her deep passion for people, animals, the earth and the unfairness
that exists in our world today.
in ‘one thousand Cranes’
reminds us of the horrors with
“Make a wish Japan
fold one thousand paper cranes
you are awash in radioactivity”

I love the details in Chrissie’s poems things in nature that jump out of them to surprise and uplift the soul,
like “cobwebs that hang from a tree’.

In her poem ‘Stars’ as it unfolds is about so much more than thought at first. its about deep love, memories and sadness.

I would highly recommend readers
to the work of Chrissie. This book of poems will ignite beauty and also draw you back to a world stained by pain and anger to the prejudices in life today. (less)