Hospital again…

This morning I went to my hair salon. It started well, but I began to fade. Once out, I felt better and got a few bits of grocery. I went home, ate lunch and responded to emails.

I initiated some work with SWAST. Then I started a bit of gardening. I began to struggle to breathe. I felt concerned. I did not want another crew fixing me short-term. But eventually the inevitable had to be. So I was ”fixed” but then brought to hospital. Five hours later I am still in Resus. I do feel better now.

Arriving here was hell on earth. ED is no place for anyone with a neurological disease. With PTSD it is even worse.

I am so grateful to the paramedics who treated me like crystal, but handed me into hell.

And a doctor from hell too.

Now I am waiting to go to a ward. I am exhausted, hungry and tired.