My 9 hours in Resus

I was taken to hospital as I could not breathe well. I had two awesome paramedics who treated me like cut glass, but they had to hand me to resus in the ED.

ED is a nightmare for me at the best of times, but resus is a hell all of it’s own. Alarms going off, beeps, loud voices, and cold blooded doctors.

The doctor who saw me did not like that she had not heard of my neuro disease. She did not like that she did not understand it. She only asked closed questions. She seemed to expect my symptoms to fit her, rather than extend her own skills to gain my trust. I told her she was the worst doctor I ever met.

My nurse was gentle and kind. She got a venflom in easily. She did what she needed with skill and kindness. I liked her so much. The night duty nurse was also Italian. I turned my monitor off as the alarm plagued me and I had deconstructed quite early. 1am, I was tranfered to a bed and taken to Majors (trauma).

I got my laptop out and worked. Some for SWAST, and some my own. I got cold, and had another blanket. I remained cold all night, and was kept awake by another patient. I had maybe 2 hours sleep.

I awoke to two other patients who kept me sane. One, Katya, I hope to remain in touch with. Her pain levels humbled me.

My consultant came early for which I am grateful. I declined breathing tests as they are exhausting. I had lunch, given meds and discharged.

So, now I am a carbon dioxide retainer, This means I don’t exhale all the CO2 I make. No wonder my breathing is rubbish. I must go to a distant hospital to be equipped with non invasive oxygen therapy at night. This will improve my daytime breathing,

I am grateful to the nurses, and my consultant and his team.