Pan Fried Mackerel

To me, this is a supper. An evening meal with white wine, a cold beer, or just some cordial. Try to get the mackerel filleted. I clicked on ‘’gutted’’ and my fresh fish had some gnarly bones.

A sea fish, so this needs flavours to counteract the salt in the skin, which will fall off during cooking.

I used lime juice as I had no lemons. I chopped banana shallots, and threw in some oyster mushrooms.

You will need

1 large skillet

Olive oil

Banana shallots (the flavour is nutty and warm

1 14’’ mackerel

Heat the olive oil and add the sliced shallots. They will separate into rings as the cook.

Place the mackerel in the pan. Wait one minute and turn over.

Reduce the heat.

Squeeze 1/4 of a lime over the fish and turn over, Squeeze more lime.

Keep turning, and watch as the flesh turns pale. This is an easy time to cut off the head and tail.

I find that roast asparagus and parsnip go well with this.

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