Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach, the Russian Jew’s idea

Of what Americans think Russia is like

The little Odessa

On the Atlantic shore ten or so miles

From Wall St

A place for bathing and beach life

Cafes and restuarants, food from all the world

So many nationalities are melted here

And everyone smokes, even the waiters

In their breaks will find a bench to smoke

Old couples in big hats put up umbrellas

Against the sun and light up

The Mermaid Parade on 23 June

So scantily clad on the floats

At night you can dance with seafood clothed girls

In Brighton Beach the only thing

That will set you apart

Is to vote for Obama, for although

They all live most liberal lives

The fear of socialism from their past

Haunts them, even though they know

America is not like that, their fear lives

And drives their vote

While being scantily clad on the beach

Published in The Lark


Doing the right thing…

I so wish I had refused when CT Meek messaged me ”’From now on I am your editor”.

To be honest, I felt intimidated and did not a scene. Well, there is certainly a scene now. When I saw that friends were in his group, I told them of his theft. The one who reacted most strongly is the one who is now libelling me on fb. All the others left his group or blocked him without a murmur.

I got more uncomfortable while submitting my poems. He is not a kind man. There were threats. The only good thing about it was his foreword, which was very complimentary and in line with other reviews.

It is hard to stand alone when you know someone has done wrong, stolen, deceived. And then to find out that someone like Syd Meats doesn’t hesitate to jump in and speak badly about some post where he was the only idiot.

Courage to stand alone is the motto on here, my blog. Alone in my health condition, not understood symptoms, let alone anyone having heard of it. It is amazing how doctors respond. Some treat the symptom only, some want to know more, and others are arrogant and think they can ignore what they don’t know.

I do feel alone. Even my closest friends don’t understand my illness. I can’t expect them to. As far as I know I am the only person in the world with my health condition. There are a few with my disease, but not the intervention that now cause respiratory failure.