The Good News…

My friend Jordi is living in Poole. I am so happy about this. And he’s only a 5 minute walk away. However, he was in a head-on crash on his motor bike. He has bad concussion, a broken nose and other injuries on his right leg and foot.

I caught up with him yesterday. The bruising is still coming out. He is still in shock. I gave him so things for his flat, above a pub.

This has made me happy. I sort of adopted him. We are family.

Today is difficult for breathing. Last night I felt I would suffocate twice. This morning I sounded wheezy but it has gone.

I am in pain on the side of my back. It’s difficult to explain. I have a wound that weeps. It has never hurt like this before.

I am glad I have the support of the hospice. It comforts me.