Yesterday, I had another crew of paramedics. One was really sweet. The other I have met before and though she is professional she talks too much and too loud.

I felt fine afterward, even though they made me sign a disclaimer. My head took a while to stop aching after meds and loud voices.

I had, in fact, realised the surgery was open and rang to ask if they would nebulizer me if they had ipratropium there. They did. I rang the ambulance service to stand them down, but they asked why. They then told me to stay put.

This morning I was wheezy again, I waited a while and then headed for the surgery. When I got there my wheeze was gone. Fresh air is a nebulizer!

I am now prescribed an ipratropium inhaler. I could deal to the whole of my town.

It was nice though, to be in town with a purpose. I saw islands of green sitting areas with lovely landscaped gardens where a main road had been.