My lungs…

Over the last few days, I have struggled to breathe. My inhalers were no help and the paramedics fixed me temporarily.

I stopped using the cough assist machine on Friday. It is the only factor that has changed, apart from the progression of my disease.

Yesterday, I decided to pack a bag and go to hospital today. I have not. My breathing is easier. I no longer feel I am suffocating.

My theory is that the cough assist dragged up phlegm but not enough to cough up. I am wondering if the movement of phlegm was enough to impede my breathing, but not enough to cough up.

I will not use it again until I have medical advice.

Hypoxia is very much part of my life now. I set a reminder on my phone for this morning. I had not given the reminder a name, so I had no clue what it was for. It was for a poetry event and lunch with a friend. My friend arrived and I dragged myself from my bed. We have rearranged.