My resignation from SWAST was accepted this morning.

I resigned to Tony Fox, the chairman, not my boss. There was too much mistrust and poor conduct that I felt the best thing to do was bypass my boss.

If mistrust had not been introduced so early by the Lead Governor, I might still be there. Except my being a governor got confused with being a patient too. When the secretary of SWAST let me know he is aware that I decline to go to hospital my relationship with SWAST took a dive. Then my boss threw his weight around over something he did not bat an eyelid about some months ago.

I never appeared on the list of Governors as I had to replace documents needed for DBS. Because of that, I was mocked on Facebook in a group for my town.

I am sad but relieved. Trust is hard to give a second time. I have tutoring English as a second language now.