It Makes Sense Now

The horrid rude and sarcastic man on Nextdoor known as Anthony Hunt, who I could not find on Facebook, is a Tony Hunt who has perpetually mocked me and ridiculed my attempts to advocate for paramedics getting through traffic. He got Barbara kicked off Nextdoor as a fake account because as the survivor of domestic abuse, she has no ID to to prove who she is. That poor woman. She was distraught as her nephew pays her mobile phone bill from a town in the next county. Some people have such aimless lives. We met while i waa walking one day and we came to where she waa lodging and we realised we lived in the same road. And yesterday afternoon I met a lovely lady who has been here longer than I have and we have never met. So odd.

Nothing better to do than torture and hurt others. He gave himself away by telling me I got banned for being rude. The cheek of him. I signed out after thinking the lies told by Benn Jackson had been sorted by admin only to find he created a fake account. So I left. Why be around idiots?

Mr Jackson though committed harrassment by having people phone my number and send texts. The police have all those numbers. Just not enough evidence to take action. Well the police have more information now.

My laptop screen broke this morning. I was scanning a bar code and it went dark. So Dave is doing that for me. It will be fixed by Tuesday. I am so grateful for Dave. Such a great guy. Not many like him. At age 31. He is rare.

On my way down the high street i inhaled someone’s cigarette smoke. She was walking along oblivious to the fact that she was spreading smoke. They should have certain areas so that the smoke stays in known places. So many people are vulnerable to cigarette smoke.

Because this is on my phone I will end by saying how perfect the two days have been and such a great evening last night giving away my figs. And before that I planted three plants and Charlie gave me poppy seeds this morning.