Tough going…

It’s been a tough week. My employee is ill and was unable to come and clean and change my linen.

It’s meant my bin in the kitchen was not emptied. Pots in my garden not put in place. My clothes not laundered.

I have socialised with friends, explored Holes Bay, and walked with a friend and her Ridgeback. He is gorgeous.

Tonight I made dinner for a friend who is staying the night. It feels odd to be a hostess again. He will help me make a butterfly 🦋 garden in the raised bed behind my garden wall. All it has are weeds.

My inhalers no longer work. It is a demarcation line.

On Monday I was interviewed about my resignation from SWAST. What a toxic woman. I cried. Who makes me cry? Only my daughter is close enough to cause me to have tears.

I am so tired. Very tired.