Earth on it’s axis turns away in it’s orbit
fickle but eternal path in the Universe

Darkness begins to shroud our daily lives
we hunker down, wrap ourselves warm

We yearn for light, the Sun, weak warmth
bright Sun mornings cheer our days, the joy

So rains and storms may come our way
Hallelujah for every single Sun day

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A poem

Your hands went anywhere without consent
they traveled, guided by your mind
Sleeping, I could say no yes
half-waking, I felt your kiss

That kiss was my undoing, intoxicated as I was
by wine, but the quality of our mouths
doing what you began in reciprocity
spoke to forgotten yearning

I was celibate by choice; you knew but trespassed
how you dared I don’t know-the future days
no thought, but seducing
I could not move

I wanted, yet not, to stop you, we were friends
how to go on after this? So I kissed too
the way I used to kiss my lover
I still pay for your trespass

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It is so cold and a fresh ripe fig..

Today, being sunny, I ventured out to get milk and stamps and posted a birthday card to my godmother. She isn’t formally my godmother but it saves explaining how she knew my parents, though she is older.

Yesterday was less sunny and therefore colder in my home. The morning sunshine ☀ makes heating unnecessary in my home until much later in the day. So yesterday my left hip started hurting again. I meditated on this pain about three years ago and it went away so I must do it again.

On Thursday I went to the hospital for a blood test my respiratory consultant had requested. Another doctor had requested a sample too. I queried this and asked why, but did not actually say no. But neither did I say YES. I have emailed that doctor to withdraw my passive consent. And asked the hospital to advise phlebotomists about consent.

On my way out of my garden earlier, I saw a ripe fig on my tree. I felt it and there was the slight softness. I picked and ate it. Oh, it was so delicious!

I got a slow cooker some while ago. So great for root vegetable stews. I am so thankful for it, the fig, and the flowers still in bloom. We are indeed in a changed climate. The plants are confused.