Beaver Moon

A poem

Photo by filmplusdigital on Unsplash

On the nineteenth night of this ninth month
Moon will be full and bright, but dulled in daylight
Lunar eclipse is the price Sun pays for jealousy

Moon shares the dark scrim with starry lights
extinguished a millenia past, planets, comets
he welcomes them, and they flatter him

When Sun comes all must flee her vanity
Though Moon appears then and when,
in summer Venus shines as Sun sets down

Moon is departing Earth inch by slow inch
lunar tides lessen, will we bid farewell
safely Moon has ruled with magnetic tides

I know Moon has lakes, they’re my tears
Moon was my solace when no one could
death makes his visits mostly in darkness

I have danced with death too many times
yet basked in Sunlight as I love her warmth
but the Moon is mine, soulmates are we

Published in Under The Moon