My breathing is still noisy, and Ireland thrashed Wales…

My breathing continues to be noisy. I am growing used to it but there must be a reason. I will see my specialist in the next couple of weeks.

It is colder again. Climate catastrophe is very real. My garden has had shoots for weeks and flowers all winter.

Martin has a digital piano again. He is so pleased. I am happy for him too.

There is a very strange editor at Medium, no there are three strange editors. One says I gave her sleepless nights and started rumors of bullying by me. Another treated me very differently and after I self published my article, blocked me. The third announced she would be dividing the week with someone she told to block me, but now tells a friend of mine that she is not doing that.

I find it very hard to trust editors who own publications. They chop and change. It is absurd.

I am pleased with my current publications. I am making good connections.