Walking My Dog

When I’m walking with my dog
I need to get in his groove

The 40 yards where I use the lead
I just get pulled and pulled

When he reaches a certain spot
I find I’m yanked to a stop
Cos that’s where he’s got do
What a dog’s got to do

Lead’s off so should he run on the beach
Or run to the launching trailer
To do what he does
Seconds of indecision and then
He does both

As he gallops on ahead i hope
There will be no shopping bags
For him to stick his nose in or worse

If they’re beside a bench
He’ll do what he does

Now I see him again and he’s nose down
In the tufts of plants sniffing his newspaper
Which takes him quite away along
until the open green grass

And he’s off with joy bounding
Then stops to look back
OK, I am right there
Then it’s along the sea wall

Maybe jump down on the sea side
Oops maybe not let’s leave it for now
He spies a puppy good for a chase
And get chased back what a game

When we reach the slipway he watches
Does he want to windsurf does he wish
For a boat I know I do
Then the football pitch

In for a dribble makes the kids laugh
Yes i got to get in his groove
Makes it such fun

Unless he finds something that’s dead

But even when he stinks
He makes me laugh

Oh how he made me laugh

Published in The Lark