I have angered someone I love

A day of misunderstandings. I dealt with one problem successfully, and thought someone else and I had agreed on something. Then I got an email summoning me for a blood test. I thought I could ask that someone when we met. Except we never met. I searched for them and then had to go alone.

I am having so many symptoms that I hide. I have felt so weak for 5 weeks now. Three courses of antibiotics and steroids. On Sunday, I walked into a door frame. Yesterday, I did the same but less hard. I am still bruised from injections done in February. My vision was blurred today.

But far greater than all that, I have angered someone I love. Their phone is switched off. They turned it on long enough to tell me what they feel. And they deserve to tell me. I deserve their hurt and anger.

How can I put it right? I so want to.