My health…

Lately, my health has been OK. For me, with all the complex issues I have. My breathing is ‘ok’ but I do frequently feel I might suffocate. This occurs when I change posture. It means that sometimes I lay down at night and my respiratory rate will be about 140 and my pulse about the same. Panic strikes but I know that waiting it out will bring normality back.

I had botuline injected into my arm in an attempt to relax it. That failed and has caused me excruciating pain. I have made a complaint.

I also have a complaint against South West Ambulance. I can’t go into detail.

So generally, things are always less good than a week before. The degeneration is slow. Warm weather is my friend.

My garden is delightful. Flowers everywhere. I greet each new flower with delight. I will post a photo soon.