Guest blog by Jasmine Jin

LOCKDOWN-Straight from Shanghai

Shanghai is a city as busy as Tokyo and New York. And now. It is dead.

I won’t deny all the kindness this city has shown me, even in a time of crisis, but there is enough pain to make us citizens cry out.

Before I go any further, I’d like you to see two comparisons of Shanghai.

Shanghai, Before and After Lockdown

As for why I waited till now to shout in pain? Because I was disillusioned, like many Shanghai citizens, that this is merely a passing phase, and there was no cause for me to change the way I lived.

The initial 5 days became a week, a week became two.

When citizens first received the news of lockdown at 3.31, 8pm, and were ordered to return from shopping for groceries before midnight, they still had the romance to joke about feeling like Cinderella. Two weeks from that time, and all I see is one word, screaming out at me from everywhere.


Life during the pandemic is like a pot of thick broth. It takes three swallows for every mouthful to go down. What’s worse is there never seems to be an end to the slimy goo. Spring is within a hand’s stretch, yet here I am living this steady and unchanging life

Everyday we count what’s left of the food, fight for supplies, get teary from the constant tragedies, and test for antigen. The bordem is a beast, clawing, biting, our kindness and patience gets more and more thin, undil we are only able to cover those dearest.

Hunger, Loss, Humanity, Death, Cruelty. Those words imply pain in themselves. They are threats I face daily. Let’s rewind the clock to April 1st, when everything started to get real.

Night of 4/1 at my living center. The tests lasted till after 11:00pm
4/4 Conditions in hospitals built to hold patients tested positive for Omicron. No oder, had to fight for food.
4/7 Corgi killed on the street because master was tested positive
All the apps shown on this page are used for buying food. Many citizens have alarms at 5am, 6am, 8am, 8:30am, 12pm, 6pm, etc. Out of a hundred items in the trolly, one is lucky to get a few.
Dogs have to do their business at home
4/13 Workers out of work, the noodles they’re eating their last food.
4/14 Pouring rain

This is just the quickest scan of Shanghai’s problems. In the upcoming days, I will recount and update events in Shanghai. Follow me to stay tuned.