Toddlers Toilet Training

They do it themselves

Photo by luis arias on Unsplash

We are told by our Health Visitors that babies cannot control their bladders until they are 18 months old. I found this to be complete fiction. Toddlers want to be clean.

My first child was born in August and was using the toilet only just after she was two. This is what I discovered;

  • Babies don’t like wearing diapers into which they have peed.
  • Leaving your baby without a diaper for periods of time causes them to want to be out of them.

During her first year, I left diapers off my daughter for a few hours when it was convenient. Her skin could breathe properly and she seemed to enjoy kicking and crawling without the diaper. She would resist having one put on her. In the winter after her first birthday, I continued this, and after the new year, I started leaving a potty where she could see it. Of course, I never used the bathroom alone as I took her with me or, later, she followed me.

At the beginning of the summer before her second August birthday, I left her without diapers for longer periods of time with the potty in sight. We played in the garden with no diaper and if she began to wee I sat her on the potty. After a few weeks, she would go to the potty by herself outside. Indoors, she seemed more distracted, but that was OK.

Fortunately, I waited until after she had done her poo before leaving the diaper off.

We celebrated her second birthday with extended family in the park, with no diaper but the potty was with us. We then traveled to Ireland with one pack of nappies and I would lift her and hold her on toilets that I had disinfected.

I continued to use a diaper at night, but in the morning they would be dry. I reused these. I carried this on for too long. I didn’t stop until three months after her second birthday.

So Health Visitors don’t know everything. Here I must say that each child is different. What worked with my children may not work for yours. It is worth trying. It saves money and the planet!

If you are not even in a long-term relationship yet, hang on to my experience. I am passing on my wisdom.