A poem

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Air is dense, humidity heavy
thunder rolls, lightning cracks

The planet burns unchecked
all forms of life in danger

It began with the steam engine
it was fueled by human greed

Roads are melting, railroads too
creatures perish with lost habitat

We wring our hands, much too late
it’s done, the Earth is on fire from now on

Heat, more than we can tolerate
greed created the planet’s pyre

Published in The Lark




A poem

Photo from author’s collection

Sometimes sea breeze sings to me
of nature, trees, blooms, butterflies, bees,
gentle, sweetly, resting my soul

Summer winds cool the mind, passions
are soothed, memories salved, grief stilled
so much sorrow yet still I smile

This landscape is my second home
my first is gone, as family died over years,
homesick still for that time, that love

No one knows that I weep inside
for generations that have left me
no surprise, 
I want to go home



A poem

Photo by Vedrana Filipović on Unsplash

Wondering where I begin or end
vapors inhaled change my voice-
that was part of my identity

Side effects of chemicals need more
to ease the woes they cause, 
am I
short-tempered or is it the drug in me

Pain-killers mask a lot of aches
exposing the mind to 
the spells
contained in these chemicals

Short-term memory shot to bits
by failing to exhale all the toxins
like normal lungs used to do

I feel am a ghost of me, chemicals
and symptoms hide my person

I weep for I am misunderstood

So, what is me, what is a drug
chemicals are changing my identity