So Fresh

A poem

Photo from author’s collection

So fresh is the breeze now, after a storm
strange how humidity hangs in the air
for formidable fatiguing weeks of heat unknown
now we feel free, fresh, to laugh at the sun

I smiled, though heavy humid hours wore me down
every effort exhausted energy, tiring too much
yet now light is the work, delight in the day
warm winds come ashore, grazing my garden



A poem

Photo by Simon Berger on Unsplash

I know peace, joy, happiness. My life is full. Raising a beautiful daughter who shines. I watch the harbor, yachts tacking back and forth. The water shines as though the sun has cast glitter over it.

I wake to birdsong. How cheerful they are as they greet the new day. I feed them and enjoy how they feast. They bathe in dew, and my bird bath.

I have poor health but am delighted with my life. My work has always been my passion, so fulfilling. I speak three languages and English is not my mother tongue.

I am loved by many and love in return. I agape my friends and the man in my home. I smile and feel friendly to the world.

I have given and been given to. I am blessed to bestow kindness to others. My cup runneth over. I love my God. I am not rich, but I have great wealth.

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A poem

Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash

I hear it, like music on my window pane
Water is falling from the sky again

I smell it, the freshness, I feel restored
Too late after the fires in flames roared

Peace descends in wet drops and thunder
I feel healed inside, no more plunder

Oh, joy! creation is well for now
My soul rests in the scent falling down

The earth is so hard after so much heat
I pray to God that floods won’t repeat.

Rain! How needed you really are
Please stay a while don’t go far

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Counting Stars

A poem

Photo by guille pozzi on Unsplash

The lush shade was so inviting
after the scorch of day
a place that looked inviting
Here tonight I could safely lay

I dreamt I could lay there
with you together there
we could count the stars

The night was cool and refreshing
but thorns scratched my soul
nowhere I would safely lay
I dreamed we would lay there

Both of us lay there, hand in hand
And we would count the stars

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A poem

Photo by Tincho Franco on Unsplash

Yellow orb dropping from view
so swift yet slowly setting

giving life and death askew
plants need light, people, shade

Yellow orb dropping from view
dusk will come, then the night
yet antipodes have a day renewed
dust bowl Australia, temperate Kiwis

Yellow orb dropping from view
cool air embraces the heat oppressed
refreshing us as we slumber

summers have changed, that’s new

Yellow orb dropping from view
what life would there be with no you

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I was taken to hospital last week…

Last Wednesday morning I used my nebuliser and afterwards my throat was full of liquid that I am unable to cough up. I dialled 111 (a useless service) and an ambulance came for me.

I spent six hours in A&E, which I could only tolerate because I took 2 tablets that I take at night.

The doctor was wonderful. She had never seen such a complex medical situation. She was kind, nebulised me with saline and recommended a med which breaks down the secretions in the lungs.

My new meds arrived this morning. It was lovely to nebulise without having a dry mouth afterwards. The tablets will take more time to see the effect.

I hated being in the ED. It is so hostile to my neurological disease.


I Sat Next to My Ex

You could not make it up

Photo by Gavin Allanwood on Unsplash

A few months back, I got a WhatsApp message from my ex-husband. It simply said Do you want to watch Paul’s funeral?

This was not only a surprise, but a dilemma. Which Paul could he mean? I was considering this when another came. Give your details to Kevin and he will send you a link.

This narrowed it down. I responded by giving my condolences and saying I would prefer not to watch the funeral. I was then informed he was still in Ireland. Well, the Paul he meant had not been living on the Moon. I gave my condolences once more.

Then I contacted my daughter to remind her to give her condolences. They were, after all, her blood relatives if not mine.

A couple of weeks later I got a WhatsApp from my ex asking me to have coffee. I considered this. I then agreed. I guessed he would tell me that Paul died of alcoholism.

At the coffee house my ex offered to pay for my drink. Well, he did drag me out to drink coffee. Of course he should pay. That he would not collect loyalty points for me was typical of him.

He started to talk only after he pulled out an old envelope and started to write what he was saying. I asked what he was doing. He wrote that down. He told me he wanted to write what we said. I should have had prescience. Nothing with him is simple since ten or so years ago.

Now, the deceased brother, named Paul for Medium, was a difficult man. He drank to much and behaved very badly at the funeral of another relative. Thus, his siblings decided to have reunions without him.

At the funeral this year, of Paul, the sister-in-law was very cold. My ex said it was because Paul had been left out of the reunions. Like they didn’t see that coming? Really?

It turns out Paul died of a lung disease. So, it’s genetic. This caused my ex to be flustered. Well your Mam and uncle died of it. You don’t see a connection?

My ex was scribbling away.

I was glad to get home. A few days later, another WhatsApp came. Would I like to hear David Sedaris in July. Heck, yes. That would be great. Thank you.

My ex went on to say he had made his peace with his brother, and now with me. My ex thought he had made peace with me? For real? He had often thanked me for bringing up our daughter alone, but never apologized for his bad behavior, his bullying, his carelessness with the safety of my daughter, or anything else.

I said this aloud. My ex then told me I had obviously left the coffee shop with a different feeling that he had. Wait, feeling?

I was then uninvited from the David Sedaris evening and someone else would go with him. I promptly bought a ticket for the show.

On the evening, I somehow turned up slightly late. I then just took the first available empty seat. The man next to me needed a loop for a hearing aid. He didn’t seem to settle. I enjoyed the show. David Sedaris can me laugh anytime. After quite a while, the man next to me got up, and instead of leaving by passing only me, he chose to disturb the whole row. I glanced up as he went along the people. He looked back and I saw it was my ex.

What do you know? My ex carries an offence to the extent of disturbing 15 or so people rather than sit out the show. His loss. I enjoyed it and David Sedaris could make a great tale from this.

The irony. A theatre of 800 people and I sat next to my ex.


Dog Walk

A poem

Photo by Jack Anstey on Unsplash

Bright sunshine, cold sea wind invigorates
Lifting our spirits like blossoms opening
My dog rushes about full of joy, running for the thrill
As I also once did

The boats bob up and down on the choppy water
Skiffs, yachts and fishing boats
Pulling at their moorings, anxious to be off
And explore every inlet

I’m gazing out to sea, looking for my landmarks
Just avoid colliding with the same silly post
Which stops towing cars turning left, or right
If bringing in a boat

This is where seahorses thrive and get cast up
Where men dig for cockles in the shingle
When tide is out, unveiling ocean foods
And dogs roll in the smells

Oystercatchers throng around, heads bob bobbing
Greedy gulls steal all they can, nature or man’s
Egrets when the tide is in all in married couples
Pied wagtails pecking too

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