Two Letters

If we should love, I will not let our
union be described as two letters
in the same word. No, our love will
describe, create, and bring joy. 
useless a verb with no adverb –
it is tied down while the world dances
. A noun with no adjective bores
readers or ears
. We will not be a
unless a cavernous one with
space for beauty and color, not a
meadow except it be joyous with
blossoms, riotous with shades of red,
of blue, pink and yellow. We will not
run unless it be crazily, fast or slow

Do not bind me to you in one word,
but let my meaning partner yours
A rippled pond, a mighty sound, a
sleepy hush.
 Let us not be happy
except wildly so,
 not fight unless with
 Two words have meaning
but a single word is hostage to itself.

I wrote this some years ago after someone described himself and his love as two letters in one word. I found that so limiting.

Published in The Lark