Is it the idiot police?…

For four years Woodhouse wrote malicious notes to my various neighbours.

Her life is so meaningless that she checks whenever the house nextdoor was available to rent. She did me a great favour with the second one to those who moved in after she left. They moved out and ended the year of misery they inflicted on me.

The next neighbour showed me a note he got. He photographed it.

The police know who the malicious notewriter is, Ms Woodhouse.

Writer and psychologist. My health, a journey with two life shortening diseases

I have not posted in weeks and yet each day since my post on 24 12 2021 up to eight search engines have been at my blog. The least is two search engines. Also twitter and Facebook. It must be the idiot police in my town. Or the malicious note writer.

Well, I am fine. I know you waste taxpayers’ money by acting on a anonymous note which mentioned me. That you could have asked me if I had had a problem, I could have told you no. That would have cost you one phone call. But you prefer to waste police time and money.

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