A poem

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

We are so misunderstood and taken for granted
we comprise only one in one hundred folk
rare, like diamonds, shining brightly
or trodden on in the noisy crowded room

We have no dark side, no vendetta to execute
vengeance is not for us, we love the relationship more
we say sorry knowing we are correct, out of love
but will be truthful about it if we trust you

We trust too much and get hurt too frequently
understanding what others do not see, feeling for others
we are creative, caring, loyal, loving, laughing
Alone frequently, we need our solitude to refresh us

We are passionate people, in love, in causes, nature
is our world of choice, at peace walking alone

Feeling deeply, we can be hurt but forget easily after “sorry”
a second hurt reminds us to stay away from the source

Tough too, like diamonds, we dig deep for resilience
we endure until the end, but back away from trouble
We know we’re not perfect, we are self-aware, so please
take the time to know us, and we will be your reward

Published in The Lark