Time For Ireland to Unite

Photo by Larry Feirerra The photo above is the Antrim coast, it is volcanic and rugged. Immensely beautiful, and miles from the unrest. Having lived and worked in Northern Ireland, I am devastated by the current civil unrest. Boys as young as eleven are being encouraged to throw petrol bombs at the police. They don’tContinue reading “Time For Ireland to Unite”

A Prince Has Died

Today a Prince among men has diedroyal in birth, a refugee, a child passedfrom land to land.He won the heart and hand of a Princesswooed her, married, and served her wellrenouncing his title to be her Prince. Roguish, dapper, charming, and smarthe was unflinching in the task, he took noflatter, no false position, tireless heContinue reading “A Prince Has Died”

Interview and Poetry with Aine MacAodha, Irish Poet

My Church Has No Windows My church has no windowsin fact it has no doors eitherand to be fair no altarit has no ordained ministeror priest or gospels.Its in my heart, inthe starry skythe moon shining over the landits the planets in our solar systemthe sun when it shines or notits the foods god/creatorleft us,Continue reading “Interview and Poetry with Aine MacAodha, Irish Poet”

Prince Harry and Megan Markle

Prince Harry’s good work for veterans left with life changing injuries, his work for mental health, his championing of many charities, are all abandoned by him since Megan Markle decided that being royal was not glamorous enough for her. When they were interviewed on the occasion of their engagement, they told Mishal Hussein that theyContinue reading “Prince Harry and Megan Markle”