How To Cope With Difficulties

We all lead different lives. We are all unique in our view of life. One thing we do have in common is that we face difficulties of various magnitude. For some it may be life changing or it might be a family issue.

Whatever it is, we need tools to get us through it successfully, otherwise we can develop unattractive traits.

How important is it? This is what we need to ask first. Some difficulties or problems can wait until we have more time in which to deal with it. If it is an argument, wait until your feelings are settled before resolving it.

Are you the right person to deal with it? Sometimes we need legal advice. Or advice from trusted people who may have experienced a similar problem. If you have no experience of whatever you are facing, if people have no knowledge, try the internet.

Stay calm This is important as we can’t be of much use to ourselves or others if we are angry, tearful, frightened etc. If you are with children, you have a responsibility to remain composed. Otherwise, self-care until you are ready to carry on.

Find support If you have been bereaved, witnessed a terrible accident, or anything else that causes traumatic response, get with people who love you. Allow yourself to be loved and hugged. If this is not possible, get wrapped up in bed or the sofa and soothe yourself with beautiful images in your mind and tell yourself positive things.

Let it go Some things just aren’t worth your time or energy. If someone is rude to you, decide if they matter enough to warrant a request for an apology. Some people don’t apologise. Others will make a quarrel. The kind of person who apologises won’t be rude in the first place.

Forgive We sometimes hurt people that we love. We never hurt people that don’t care about us. Forgiving is to let the hurt go, for our own sake, If we hold onto a hurt, only we are suffering.

Don’t let people live rent free in your head Try not to revisit a quarrel, break up, or any other incident. You have better things to do.

Break things down Imagine an elephant. Now see it made of chocolate. If you ate it in one go, you would be sick. Such it is with some problems or difficult tasks. Make it into bite size pieces. If you have a sprained wrist, vacuum one room only at time. If you have a long road trip, plan where you can stop for a rest.

All these are tools to overcome almost anything. They have gotten me through many adverse times. Keep breathing, stay calm and spend time outside.

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