Fighting For America

There has been blood in the streets

civil war in the suburbs

execution of our black friends

so we are fighting for America

There have been lies after lies, heresy

outside church, upside down Bible

deceit follows deceit, truth is lost

so we are fighting for America

The National Guard was called to war on citizens

guns ruled the streets, stand by

Proud Boys, a militia for POTUS

so we are fighting for America

Four years too much, no more, no more

lies, deceit, ego, suppression of truth

blaming others, no leadership,

so we are fighting for America

No lives matter until black lives matter

democracy dies with each bullet shot

four centuries must end now

so we are fighting for America

Published by 17 11 2020


Locked Write Down

One of my poems is published in here-

It is an anthology of poems about lockdown. Profits are going to the NHS and Black Lives Matter.

With thanks to Robyn Hislop


I’ve realised why…

I’ve had so much traffic. Not only have I been nominated for an award, but I was invited to post one of my blog posts at a site because it was ”outstanding”.

I’m feeling very unwell as I discovered the second med. I take had run out. The pharmacy sent only half of my script. This one doesn’t keep me alive but helps. The trouble is that a missed dose makes one feel weird and strange. It passes off but it is unpleasant. So for the next few hours I will be feeling horrible.

I’ve had four nuisance calls this morning. I’ve also had numerous phone calls about a non-existent car accident. I am not stupid.

I am no threat to anyone. I’m pretty insignificant to anyone except my daughter. I’m not in love with anyone, I don’t write poison letters, and this blog at no time mentions where I live. I make sure that any surname used is across the whole country.

My ankle has been incredibly painful since last night. This morning my whole leg was hot and throbbing. It has reduced now, but is still uncomfortable.

My breathing is OK even though I’ve only taken my med once this week. I have been needing my inhaler more often and at times have struggled to breathe, but I cannot cope with the side effects.

It’s so weird how a person can proclaim their love, their protection and that no one else in the world matters and be gone the next day. Without a word.

I would give anything for a hour with my Dad and other people throw their family away. The injustice!

I am sickened by some peoples’ attitude to ward the protests against the brutality toward black people in America or here. White privilege is so obstructive one could fall over it and break one’s leg.

It isn’t only George Floyd. It’s Ahmaud Arbery. It’s Joy Gardner, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and so many, many more.

No one understands unless they’re black. I saw fear on my black friends’ faces when a cop car drove by, I understood why they were afraid, but I can’t even imagine it.