Back on steroids…

Today I decided I cannot go on like this. I must have used all the antibiotics in the house, so have started a course of steroids. My doctor is calling me tomorrow, so I can get antibiotics then.

My new boiler went on the blink last night. They wouldn’t send anyone out, so I went to bed with a hotwater bottle, fully dressed, and tried to keep warm. No one came until after 2pm. I have expressed my disappointment. They have yet to install the timed thermostat.

I have a couple of goals for my writing. I hope I see them through. I haven’t written for two days, apart from here.

I got a gift through Amazon today. It was from Michaela. That’s how Mike’s former girlfriend listed him on her phone…

I have a small gardening project later this week. A friend is coming to help. It will be cold, but it will lift my spirits.

I’m not down,just tired of being unwell. I hope I can clear this infection. In winter, the cold and central heating do not help me.


I finished the steroids…

This week has been quite strange. I had arranged to replace my boiler, and they arrived at 8am some days ago. I was still taking the steroids, whichis irrelevent.

They seemed to come in and out quite a bit. After five hours it was done and they left, leaving me the instructions.

When I went into the bathroom, I was a bit shocked at the mess they’d left. That evening, just after 11pm, I got a phone call from the police. I protested the time, and it was because a neighbour had noticed my front door had been open. Was I ok?

I replied that if a neighbour is concerned, they can come and enquire.

The next day I realised the small top windowin the bathroom was wide open. Too far open for me to reach. No wonder I had felt so cold! Eventually, a neighbour came and closed it.

I have continued to rest and sleep a lot.

I am much recovered. My cousin phoned today as she does every week.

I thought I had more to say, but now I can’t think of anything more.

I’m grateful to Susi Bocks for showcasing some of my poetry on her blog.