I’m awake, too warm…

I woke at 3am. I think I was too warm. We need to be in cooler room to sleep well -cooler than the way we heat our homes. That’s why we sleep with our windows ajar.

Yesterday evening, I felt a little cold so I lit my candle heater. It’s a terracotta dome over a candle. They are easy to make with terracotta flower pots. I went to sleep with it still burning, which was a mistake.

If you run or work out in the evening, be sure to let your core temperature drop before you go to bed. We cannot get optimum sleep while we are too warm. This is why I would often wrap my daughter warmly and let her sleep in her pram in the garden. It is the optimum rest.

I have just had a tepid shower to cool myself and feel cooled. I did not feel over warm, but just in want of refreshing. It has helped.

I will lay to try to sleep again.