The Malicious Notewriter…

I have quiet about this because I did not want her to know that I knew. Now I am being very open and with the police too.

The malicious note writer accused my neighbours of keeping my mail. I got shouted at by each of them and had an asthma attack each time. I could have died.

The police have been incredibly stupid and led me a merry dance. The stress they caused, well only Jack Windsor, was incredible.

What an empty life this woman has. Sending malicious notes whenever she feels like it. How bored and unfulfilled she must be. She is a drunk. An unpleasant drunk. She can be nice but it seems very superficial. How quick she was to falsely accuse me when she broke her back.

People like her need help. Or to be living in a home for the meaningless lives.

I am still a bit fluey after my booster. It will be fine tomorrow, although my arm may still hurt.

The police know who the malicious note writer is.