Stress and weariness

I am so grateful for my friends and loved ones who make me laugh. Laughing is so remedial.

It’s been two weeks of stress. From absurd sources. My neighbours. Police Community Support Officers. I have been the victim of crime. And I’m asked to brush it aside.

No internet yesterday. It was hard. I now have a former friend. I don’t like having former friends. It is so unpleasant.

My breathing has suffered. Well, it gets worse. I sometimes feel I am suffocating. It goes away. Fear tries to niggle but I refuse it. I live well and enjoy myself deliberately.

Some idiot sends me spam mail trying to imitate my ex-husband again and again. I block them.

My garden is wonderful. I love being there, I planted some herbs. I am thrilled by my blog plants. Amazing.

I am so grateful for the harbour. The park, the shore.