More chaos than I like…

The last two days have been more chaotic than I’d like. Spilt drinks, unexpected naps due to waking up in the night and not enough downtime.

Since I’m trying to build more structure in my day, I’m not happy.

However, I have been productive. When not falling asleep at the wrong time. I have learnt stuff and read lots of stuff I can’t remember.

I haven’t written any new poetry for three weeks.

The nerve pain in my left thigh is reduced thanks to meditation. Last evening though, I had ‘restless’ legs, though not in the clinical sense. I realised it was a result of touching a very sensitive area on my torso. Raw nerves affect other parts. So no more touching that in the evening.

On the whole I am pleased with my week, except I need more downtime. Some TV, a meet up with friends etc.

Tonight I am going to a poetry event.

Someone has nominated me for a bravery award with Amnesty International. i’m not holding my breath…