A snack recipe and my breathing…

I eat a low carb diet to prevent insulin being in my system, but we need some for fuel when the weather is cold. I make this snack.

You need

Filo pastry rolled out very thin and cut in half

A pesto of olives – I use mostly black with a small amount of green olives

A pinch of kosher salt

Olive oil

On a greased baking tray, lay one half of the very thin filo pastry. Then spread the olive pesto. It needs to be even and thinly coating.

Lay the second half of pastry on top and lightly run the rolling pin over.

Brush with olive oil and sprinkle the kosher salt over the top.

With a sharp knife, cut into small bite sizes.

Place in a hot oven for 10 -15 minutes. Until golden brown. Allow to cool.

These are very tasty. The olive oil adds a warmth. Great with a refreshing drink. The olives can be replaced with basil pesto.

I have found it difficult to keep my breathing steady. The second course of antibiotics has worked but the cold weather has made it hard to maintain a steady breath. I’ve had to be outside a couple of times. I have had ventolin added to my meds for when I start to wheeze. It did not arrive until this morning so I had to use a neighbour’s a couple of times.

I am longing for warmer weather so that I can breathe well outside.

I have realised that the charlatan who ”helped” with my garden, also took the dust cover that I was using to paint my gates. It is not my dust cover. So that’s another expense. I had to buy more forget me knots as they are favourite flower, and despite explicitly explaining the difference between them and the weeds, he still pulled them up.

I paid him in kind. Generously. And then he had the cheek to describe it in derogatory terms. He told me he wanted nothing.

Another life lesson. A friend has helped me rescue most of the plants he promised to plant but never did. A real friend is coming later this week to help me plant the rest. Pete put some in water today so that they don’t die.

It’s not just Pete. It’s Pete Lambert.


I’m beating my diagnosis…

Most people who know me would use the word determined in their description of me. I don’t really feel comfortable with the word, as sometimes I don’t bother to try, I don’t know what it is I’m supposed to be determined about. I see myself as giving energy to those things I care about.

In all my life, I gave a lot of energy to motherhood. At times It was tough with financial worries, it was hard to part company from my husband but he bullied me, dominated me, and neglected our child, so I had no choice.

I gave a lot of energy to recovering after my brain surgeries, but I didn’t really realise it. I’m not passive very often, but I wanted to do sport again, I wanted to carry on with my life as it was before. I never dreamt I would have to adapt to a different way of living.

I’ve travelled a great deal, it’s never occurred to me not to. I’ve studied a great deal because I love learning.

This diagnosis with my lungs knocked me over and I laid down for a very long time. There seemed little that could be done. I was caring for my Dad, and I became more and more breathless. Paramedics became the norm.

Now I have been prescribed a new medicine, and I haven’t had any tightness in my lungs. I feel like I once did although I have to be aware that I tire easily