I should have laid down…

Ten days ago, I ran into my ex-husband at the hospital. He lives opposite it and seems to be forever roaming around it. We arranged to meet for coffee. This is ok.

We met for coffee and during the conversation I mentioned that I need boxes. He said he would get some for me. I am highly anxious about boxes at present. Time is rolling on and I have so few and only tiny ones. I really thought he would keep his word.

In my anxiety, I forgot that I tell myself, if I think of contacting him, that I should lie down until the thought goes away.

So, first, rain prevented him going to a supermarket and bringing them. Then the wind. My anxiety was climbing. I kept texting and then decided to stop. What was I doing? But yesterday I called him. I got such an earful of lies, twisted words, illusions and more that I hung up and blocked him.

He told me that I had said I was very upset when he left after staying here in 2018. No! I couldn’t wait to get rid of him. Then he said my daughter had come here with a gift and left very upset. During that time in 2018. What a lie!

I should never have met him. I should have had a lie down until the thought went away.