It is so cold and a fresh ripe fig..

Today, being sunny, I ventured out to get milk and stamps and posted a birthday card to my godmother. She isn’t formally my godmother but it saves explaining how she knew my parents, though she is older.

Yesterday was less sunny and therefore colder in my home. The morning sunshine ☀ makes heating unnecessary in my home until much later in the day. So yesterday my left hip started hurting again. I meditated on this pain about three years ago and it went away so I must do it again.

On Thursday I went to the hospital for a blood test my respiratory consultant had requested. Another doctor had requested a sample too. I queried this and asked why, but did not actually say no. But neither did I say YES. I have emailed that doctor to withdraw my passive consent. And asked the hospital to advise phlebotomists about consent.

On my way out of my garden earlier, I saw a ripe fig on my tree. I felt it and there was the slight softness. I picked and ate it. Oh, it was so delicious!

I got a slow cooker some while ago. So great for root vegetable stews. I am so thankful for it, the fig, and the flowers still in bloom. We are indeed in a changed climate. The plants are confused.


The first fig from my garden…

It was perfect. Sweet, moist and refreshing. Straight from the tree. The most perfect fig I’ve ever eaten. I am thrilled.

To eat and enjoy the fruit, literally, of one’s labour is so satisfying. I saw the fig almost by accident and noticed it was no longer green. I touched it and there was a softness. I worried that it was over ripe, but no it was perfection.


Comments about my daughter and a lone fig…

Yesterday I saw a friend and she had been shopping with someone else I know. That someone commented on how beautiful the young woman who was assisting was. My friend replied ‘that’s Chrissie’s daughter’… I told my daughter today. She glowed.

My daughter was wearing a midi dress today. It had a split at the side, to just above the knee. She had teamed this with Doctor Martens boots. She looked fantastic. It’s a combination I would never put together at any time in my life. I have always chosen femine looking footwear, and most of my clothes have been fairly feminine. I used to love wearing straight jeans, like Levi 501s, they made legs look endless.

My four year old fig tree, which I planted a year ago, has one tiny fig. This is not the season for figs. They should appear in August/September. My whole garden is in different stages. I have poppies in bud and other plants in flower.

Today, I have had a lot of pain in my leg. Similar to the pain in my arm the other day. That pain is now only in my thumb. It’s strange and so far can only think it’s due to the wind chimes. I also have a slight headache, which might be due to the tea I drank with CBD oil in. Yes, a friend led me astray and took me to a tea shop that specialises in CBD oil. I do have some here at home.

If these pains go on, I will need to see my doctor. I don’t want to. I don’t want any consequences, like investigations.

It’s the Rugby World Cup final tomorrow. I’ll be rooting for England. I was so disappointed that Ireland lost to New Zealand in the quarter finals. Especially as it was Rory Best’s last match. A hooker, he has been captain since Brian O’Driscoll retired. Ireland beat New Zealand in their last two meetings.

It is again raining. We have had so much rain since the Equinox. Rivers and water meadows are flooding.