When we feel anxious or worried, the best way to become present in the now is to focus on your breath.

Doing this centres your mind and brings you to here and now. It is meditation.

I find when things don’t behave as they should I get a moment of panic. Like someone bolting my gate instead of leaving it latched. Theses are times that I need to focus on my breath.

The secret is to inhale through your nose until your tummy lifts. Hold it for as many seconds as you can, no more than 4. Then exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat this 5 times.

You will feel calmer. You will feel relaxed.Try to do this 5 times a day.

It helps us to be our best self – efficacious, in charge of ourselves, and living in the now. We only have now.This moment is everything. Don’t waste it.

When we are our best self, we are of use to others. We are connected, not only with ourselves, but with those around us.

It is the fourth anniversary of my Dad’s death, He died in my arms. Last year and the year before, I wept. The first anniversary, I was still numb. This year was a little easier, so I reached out to a friend who lost both parents within five months. They were both in their nineties. Old age doesn’t make death easier to bear.