Christmas Season

Take a pound of goodwill and mix it with cheer, take numberless acts of random kindness, wrapped all together in a smile. Check on your neighbors, get their shopping, drop some coins in the box for charity.

Smile at each person that you pass, give up your seat on the bus. Make extra food to put on plates for those who have no one to see. There’s always room for more people at home.

Play the season’s songs or hum them, wrap gifts with love and a kiss, let the children decorate the tree with handmade baubles, and silver chains. Their friends can help them too. Place extra gifts for those you don’t expect to meet.

Take candy to work, and fix the elderly woman’s shelf, make sure all your neighbours fairy lights work.

Drop a card through the letterbox of the neighbour who shouted at you, send a text to the friend who was cross for no reason, goodwill — that’s what it means.

Sit down last at the table, having filled plates. Thank God for his goodness and pass it along. Let kindness and compliments be true from your lips.

Visit the unwell with a plate of hot food. Make sure none you know of are lonely, if you can spare half an hour.

Let the children sing, let them laugh and play. Go to bed knowing you can help others be happy, it just takes a tick. Wake, and be ready to do it all again.